He did it!

Just call him Brody Miles, Esq.

Brody had his swearing-in ceremony last week which means he is now a licensed attorney in the state of Utah. I couldn't be more proud! They held the ceremony at Abravanel Hall, and it was really interesting, they treat it as a special session of the Utah Supreme Court.  Three of the Justices were there (one even referenced Jackie Chiles and Atticus Finch in his remarks), and they had each new attorney stand when their name was read and had them all repeat the oath to protect the Constitution, etc. They even said 'court adjourned' at the end and everything. Cadence and I were just beaming with pride the whole time :)

Cadie is not a fan of that awful green carpet


Welcome October

I feel like the world gives a collective, relaxed sigh when October comes. Like our minds can just put on a pair of cozy socks and curl up next to the window with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the leaves fall lazily from the trees.  Mmmmm, isn't it the best?

I'm desperate to drive up into the mountains and see some of the leaves and teach Cadie all about my favorite season :)

There's been some exciting developments lately.  Brody passed the bar!!! He has his swearing-in ceremony in a few weeks and he will officially be official. He's an attorney. My esquire.  A bonified lawyer.  He has worked so hard for it and I couldn't be more proud.

I've been pretty bad about updating the blog so here are a few snapshots of life lately, enjoy!

Not a bad view from my downtown office where I'm working part-time
She loves spending time with her Grammies
Celebrating passing the bar with a little surf and turf and Market Street
Matchy matchy on Patriot's Day
She feels the same way I do about DDP



I'm having a hard time deciding how much of my sweet babe I want to put out there in the verse for totally random people and strangers to see.  I love social media for the convenience and ease of sharing photos with family and friends, but then I look at the traffic on my blog and I just get a little weirded out that some random person in Malaysia or Russia is looking at photos of my baby.  It's a whole new world now, but I don't necessarily think that it's healthy or even okay for a child's life to be completely documented online.........blerg. I just don't know where to draw that line.


My Little Animated Papoose

I'm sure it's because I'm her mother, but I am genuinely entertained by my little babe. Some of the faces she pulls are hilarious, she may have been cursed blessed by being too animated for her own good (I wonder where those genes came from).  But regardless of her expression she is just ridiculously adorable and when she smiles, it is like a shot of pure sunshine to my soul :)


Labor Day at the Cabin

My family all met up at the cabin on Labor day to take an updated family picture. It had been a few years since our last one and there have been 6 new grandbabies in the meantime, so we grabbed our camera and trusty tri-pod and headed up the canyon.  I was so excited driving up, I could see some pockets of yellow and orange leaves near Park City!! Eeeeeeeeeek fall is just around the corner!

It is always fun to try and get that many littles to all look at the camera at the same time, let alone smile, but I think we did pretty well.  And of course I had to snap a few candids because they are just the best.  I especially love that Lacey is fixing Brody's collar in one picture and then Lani is fixing it again in another one :) Too good.

It's just too beautiful up there, these are straight out of the camera

There goes Lace
I have no idea what Brody is doing here
...and there goes Lani too :)
There we go
And just because it's fun to compare, here's the one from 2010

And now:


Goodbye DC

It was only a quick six weeks in DC after Cadie was born and we tried to capture most of it--from her first trip to the national mall and middle-of-the-night feedings, here is a bunch of random shots of life from our last weeks in DC

We absolutely loved our time in DC. It was such an incredible adventure and we learned so much. It was truly life-changing! It was perfect for that phase of our life and the timing of everything just worked out perfectly, with Cadie's birth and Brody's graduation being the neat little bow on top :)