Spring 15 Update

I've been such a slacker, but here we go. Things are moving right along in our household, we've been loving this wonderful spring weather and soaking up as much of it as we can.  Cadence has discovered a love for swinging (it was touch and go at first), but she loves to swing with Daddy in the back yard when he gets home from work. She is crawling like a champ, pulling up on everything she can, and says mama, dadda, and uh-ohhh. She loves food, music, the wind, and doggies.  She can grab things with her thumb and forefinger and feed herself, and she's basically the cutest little goose there ever was.

I love this picture so much. Look at that little Gus Gus belly poking out :)


Like Trying to Find Meaning in a Pauly Shore Movie

I don't think I'm going to post things on Facebook anymore. It feels like any time I do, it turns into a fight. I think people make assumptions about my political leanings, assume that since I'm a Mormon from Utah I must be super conservative, therefore, anything I post must be super conservative, and they must argue against what I've posted. Regardless.

No, really.  I can say that abusive, questionably rape-like relationships are bad and I'm wrong.

Which is funny because I'm actually right in the middle as far as politics go. Fiscally conservative, socially moderate. I'm a registered independent, and according to this political quiz, I actually side with the Democratic party on a majority of issues (I'm still basically in the middle but slightly skewed left.)  And I'm finding that being in the middle is pretty tough because everyone collectively hates you:
  • I'm a tree-hugging, anti-religious, crazy liberal to my super conservative friends and family for believing in global warming and evolution.  (I guess I just like the earth and think that not being soley dependent on oil wouldn't be the worst thing). 
  • And yet somehow I'm also an anti-science, anti-free speech, crazy conservative to my liberal friends for thinking that pornography is damaging and for being annoyed that the government takes 40% of my paycheck, (and that the government is the biggest waste of money and mostly ineffective, inefficient, and useless, bloated corpse of what it should be).  
I literally can't win. So I guess I'm just going to stick to my blog and post pictures of my adorable babe because trying to talk reason in a world of extremes is an exercise in futility,


Pretend #3

Just for funsies


Girls Trip San Francisco - Days 5 and 6

Cadie woke up feeling much better the next day so we cautiously decided to try and see a few more sites. We drove to a really great part of town to go to an art museum, I (can't remember the name of it). Really though it was a pretty sketchy sketch area and we didn't stay too long. But there was some pretty street art. Then we got some really good ice cream at Mitchell's, near our rental house.  Then we went back to the apartment to let Cadie get some more rest and pack up our things.

Our last day there was New year's Eve and our flight wasn't until much later so we decided to stay close to home and explore charming Noe Valley. All along 24th street were adorable little shops and boutiques.  We got a few gifts and I finally got to eat some good Mexican food.  Then we went back tot he house to clean and finish packing.  When we were about to leave, we had locked the keys to the rental car in our rental house (which we had left the keys inside). It was a few minutes of sheer panic, but a quick call to the owners, and we were able to get back in the house.  We got to the airport in good time and our flight home was mostly empty, it was incredible. Everyone on the flight could have had an entire row to themselves and there would still have been empty rows.

It was such a great trip, I love my madre and sisters to the moon and back :)

Girls Trip San Francisco Day 4

We started off the third day by dropping Lacey off at the airport so she could be home in time for Miller's birthday.  Then we headed over to the "Painted Ladies", otherwise known as the Tanner family's neighborhood on Full House.  The houses were so charming but the backdrop of the spectacular view of downtown was really beautiful.  Then we headed over to Lombard street, it was pretty great driving down it! Lisa and I each took a turn.  We were having so much fun re-creating our favorite scenes from What's Up Doc.  Then we tried to find 888 Russian Hill, which we never quite found. but we did find these incredible tennis courts that had gorgeous ocean views.

By that time, Cadie had started to have a bit of a croupy cough. So we went home to give her a break, take a hot shower, and get lots of sleep.  We ordered take out from Pomelo, (the Havana was divine) and watched You've Got Mail on TV while the babe took it easy.


Girl's Trip San Francisco Day 3

On our second day in the city we ventured across the Golden Gate passed Sausalito to the Muir Woods national park. It was definitely the highlight of the whole trip for me. The trees were just absolutely incredible. So tall and so huge in the circumference of the trunks.  And I will never forget how incredible it smelled in those woods. It was like stepping back through time, you almost expected dinosaurs or something to come walking through the trees.

We stopped at the Buckeye Roadhouse on our way back to the city where Lacey had eaten before and loved it.  Our last stop was at this incredible lookout over the Golden Gate that we managed to park and get there just as the sun was setting (thanks California traffic).