Holidays 2015

Christmas was a sleepy blur this year with a newborn, but still magical and wonderful. It was so fun to watch Cadie open her presents now that she is a little more aware of what is happening, although she still didn't quite fully grasp the concept. I think next year she will be in her prime.

Little Abby has been such a wonderful addition to the family, although my goodness I had forgotten how hard newborns are.  They all have some sixth sense where they can always tell when you've sat down, even if you are still rocking them  :)  She's had some tummy issues and threw up at least once a day for the first four weeks or so but she's been doing much better the last couple of weeks.  It's like night and day with Cadie who has only thrown up maybe 3 times in her whole life.

It's been an interesting adjustment being on maternity leave, I will say this much: "work" is so much easier than being a stay-at-home mom. Really, And I only have two, and am living with my parents so I essentially have a live-in nanny in my mother, and it's still a challenge. But I love these babes with all my heart. It's so fun to get to be with them all day and see all the fun little developments and nuances that I would be missing if I were at work.  Cadie is talking more and more every day and we've entered the phase where we really have to watch what we say around her because she will repeat just about everything.  Abby is getting bigger and bigger everyday, already doesn't fit in newborn size and her cute little double chin is coming in nicely.


Abby's Birth

It was a week ago today that sweet little Abby Noelle joined our family. After a pretty good night's sleep I woke up around 7:45 to contractions. With Cadence, I'd had a few days worth of false labor contractions so I was sure that's what these were... But they didn't stop. Even after I'd taken  a hot shower.

At around 9:00 am I finally started to track them and they were averaging 4 minutes apart for a couple of hours, getting closer and closer and more and more painful.  Knowing that I had been dilated to a 4 at my last doctor's appointment, I finally relented and Brody and I headed to the hospital.

By the time we got there, I was already to a 7! I was shocked-- it had taken me all day to dilate that much with Cadie. I promptly informed them that I did indeed want an epidural and the anesthesiologist came and gave me some kind of cross between a normal epidural and a spinal block (because I was so close to delivering it needed to be extra fast-acting).  After another nurse came in to break my water, (which only took a few pokes with her finger) she told me I was fully dilated. I was super super numb but after one practice push, they called the doctor in to deliver. It was just Brody, the nurse, the doctor and I in the room this time. And around 2:15 pm and after only three pushes with contractions, she was there! (I pushed for almost 4 hours with Cadie so needless to say, I was shocked how quickly it happened.)  It was such a fast, easy delivery, I am still surprised what a different experience it was the second time around. We were even able to leave the hospital after only 24 hours, which I couldn't have been happier about. I'm so so grateful for the doctors and nurses but I absolutely loathe the hospital.

Abby has been such a little sweetheart, she has been doing 4-hour stretches of sleep already this week and sleeps through just about everything (again, the polar opposite of Cadie).  She's been such a joy and I my heart is so full of love for my little family of four.


Giving Thanks

For some reason I ALWAYS forget to take pictures on Thanksgiving. I'm going to assume it's because I get too sidetracked by delicious food to be bothered to stop and take a photograph. But alas, Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful break from work, and we were super productive and finally got everything ready for Baby #2.  It was an exciting morning at my parents--the power went out around 11 am, (the turkey was only halfway cooked), but as soon as everything had been sorted out and the Turkey was on its way to Lacey's to finish cooking, the power came back on. Of course.

We ate dinner at Brody's parents with the Shoffs and Thompsons, and everything was delicious!  Cadie had so much fun playing with all of her cousins all day and singing Frozen's Let it Go to her hearts content. I took some 39-week photo bump pictures, only because it's fun to compare and for posterity's sake.  And I had to get Cadie's latest silly expression where she scrunches her shoulders and grits her teeth, I love it. She has also become the prayer police and loves to fold her arms and make sure everyone else is too.

I can't believe we've officially begun the countdown for Baby Girl #2.  I've tried to get as much Christmas stuff and shopping out of the way as I can. We are hoping Cadie is going to love having a little sister but are a little nervous for the transition. I can't believe we are days away from the due date!

20 weeks vs 39 weeks, I think my cheeks filled in almost as much as my belly 

A Puffy and Pregnant Halloween

I had to ride Lacey's brilliant pregnant-costume coattails and borrow her Ghostbusters costumes for us this year. Brody was Venkman, I was the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man, and Cadie was Slimer.  I think a lot of people just thought I was a sailor, but for those who made the connection, I think they really appreciated it :)  Plus I don't think there's ever been a more apropos costume for me than 'stay puft' in all my water-retaining glory, and I feel like I deserve some kind of gold star from the universe for voluntarily wearing men's white sweatpants in public at 8 months pregnant.

We felt like Cadie was still a little too young to go trick-or-treating (we didn't want to be those parents that just use their kids for free candy---there will be plenty of time for that next year), so we just had dinner at the ward Halloween party and then spent the night at Brody's parents.  I just love Halloween and having a babe has opened up all kinds of wonderful group costume possibilities :)


Cuteness Overload

But really though.


30 Weeks

Remind me never to take a picture with the awkward half-open cheese-ball smile, yikes haha
The Goose had to get in on the action but then immediately did not want her picture taken
Oh my heart, there is just nothing cuter than when she nestles in with daddy with a good book

It was so nice to watch conference this weekend and spend the days with my favorite people in the world. Conference is always so good for the soul, and the October session is always my favorite for some reason.  I had Brody take some pictures of my 30-week bump (I've tried to be better about taking them more often, but I think I'm failing miserably).  I can't believe we only have 10 weeks until Baby Girl #2 arrives!

 Cadence is talking non-stop--most of it is still gibberish--but she has added quite a few more words to her repertoire including, 'hot', 'milk', 'juice', 'purple' and 'night night'. She loves to play peek-a-boo, get chased by anyone, and loves books more than anything :) Watching her run is probably my favorite thing in the world, and she loves giving people kissies with the cutest, most exaggerated pucker you've ever seen.


Can't Help Myself

I spent some of the weekend putting up some fall decor around my mom's house.  I don't have my own and it's almost unhealthy how excited I get and how much time I spend just thinking about having a house to decorate for holidays someday.  I made that Halloween banner and advent calendar last year (total PB knockoffs), and I claim it's for my kids to enjoy but really...I couldn't wait to get them out of storage :)  I may have already been stressing about the thought of not ordering Baby Girl #2's stocking early enough to have by Christmas...yes I've thought about this multiple times and I have the actual stocking already picked out and ready to go, we just need to decide on a name.  Which, currently our front runners are Abby, Emily and Olivia.

I'm officially in my third trimester now (I'll post a bump update soon), and I'm starting to feel it. The kicks aren't magical, soft little movements anymore but painful, sharp jabs and stretches--I'd forgotten how bad they can hurt. But I must say this pregnancy has been a lot less painful overall and not just because we aren't dealing with the stress of a flooded apartment, graduation, and a cross-country move.  There has been no tailbone pain to speak of, barely any sciatic nerve pain, and only a couple instances of round ligament pain so far (knock on wood). It's gone by so fast and I feel like once October hits the rest of the year will fly by. It's crazy to think that Baby Girl #2 will be here in 10 weeks, and that Halloween and Thanksgiving will both happen during that 10 weeks. Yikes!