4th of July 2016

The 4th of July is just one of my favorite holidays. It was so fun to bbq with all the cousins, eat Russ's homemade ice cream, and watch the fireworks from the front lawn. We love America!

There are about 20 of these for every one that we are all looking at the camera ;)

Summer 2016

We've loved swimming in the backyard with cousins, eating dinner on the deck and just enjoying the lazy days of summer!

Kylie's birthday party was so fun, they had rented out the entire Murray City Pool and Cadie couldn't get enough!
Our first time at the Aquarium...and that second picture pretty much sums it up

Cadie Turns 2

Our little goose is such a firecracker. She's passionate and basically runs hot or cold. She loves her blanket "bacon" and it goes pretty much everywhere with us. She would rahter drink her calories than eat them, loves to be outside, and has turned out to be quite the little fishy. She loves the water, whether its splashing in the giant puddle in Grammy and Poppa's driveway, playing in the kiddie pool, or swimming with Daddy in an actual pool.  She loves to sing Let it Go from Frozen, loves all the Toy Story movies, and Despicable Me's. Pizza is probably her favorite food, but she loves avocado, grapes, strawberries and apples too. She loves giving kisses and has us wrapped around her fingers with those big brown eyes.  It was so fun to celebrate her second birthday with some cake, pizza, and a few gifts. We got her a Mr. Potato Head that she really liked, and a new little red Radio Flyer tricycle :)


Spring 2016

I didn't realize how hard it would be having a winter baby--being cooped up indoors for so long while the cold and flu season passed.  The spring was so welcome, and we loved any chance we could get to be out in the sunshine and warm weather.

We dyed eggs for Easter with the Goose (thanks to Grammy), and both babes got a basket from the Easter bunny with some yummy treats and goodies :) And once the weather warmed up we started a new tradition of going to grab lunch with Dad once a week. There is a great little playground at Citycreek that Cadie loves!