Love /Hate

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this city...

 (Those are some pretty row houses in Adams Morgan and delicious Farmer's market berries from Saturday)
  • I love taking the metro and avoiding traffic, but I hate having to wait 15 minutes for the train on the weekends
  • I love that any time I walk down a street I overhear conversations in five different languages
  • But I hate being asked for money every. single. time. I go anywhere. ever.
  • I love that when I go running outside my route literally takes me in a loop around the Lincoln Memorial (not too shabby of a view).
  • I hate street cleaning in the summers, which means you have to move your car to other side of the street to avoid a $50 ticket, and sometimes (like this morning) it takes a good 25 minutes to find a spot. I don't think they actually clean the streets at all, I think it's just another way for the city to generate money.
  • I love that I can go browse any of the 19 Smithsonians for free, any old time I want.
  • I kind of hate having to share with tourists though...mostly just the loud, annoying groups of a hundred teenagers (which I totally was one in high school when we came here for concert choir. Oh Karma.)
  • I love that I can walk up 18th street in Adams Morgan and see  locally-owned restaurants from all over the world. They're delicious.
  • I hate that going to a movie is $12/person for a matinee (yeah prices went up).
  • I love Trader Joes, but I hate that it's always so busy that the line wraps around the store.
  • I love living in Dupont and having an 8-minute walk-to-work commute, but I really hate having to write that beastly rent check every month.
  • I love that there are at least 3 farmer's markets in the city on Saturdays (and Eastern Market), but I hate that the one right by our apartment is on Sundays.
  • I love that brunch is a thing here. Everybody loves their brunch on the weekends.
  • I love that Brody got this internship, but I'm super jealous of some of the stuff he gets to see and do...
  • I love what the humidity does for my skin, but my goodness, my hair. In the thick of summer...not so much.
  • I love the memorials on the mall. There is nothing to hate about that.
  • I love being here and having this adventure, but we sure miss our family and friends back home!!! (not to mention that I really want to meet my new niece and nephews)


Kat said...

Totally feel ya on the metro on waiting for the metro on the weekends. not so great. at least all the loving outweighs the hate.

Ali said...

Oh my gosh, this post makes me miss DC! We miss hanging out with you guys!

esthernow said...

Love your blog. I totally have the same experience when it comes to going off route in DC. That, or I somehow end up in Georgetown and stuck in that busy traffic. Not sure how that is possible.